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Mrs. Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax


Tropical Water Surf Wax. For water temps above 75°F (24°C). Can be used as topcoat. Made in Australia.

Traction 3000: A Traction additive that not only increases the stick factor but it won’t wear out in the water. The result is a stickier wax for even the longest surf session.

Ultra Sticky Surf Wax: Satisfaction Guaranteed, This formula was created for those all-day sessions where maximum traction is a must!


Difference between hard & soft wax:
– Softer waxes are stickier, easier to apply, but may rub away at pressure points on your board.
– Harder waxes are less sticky, slightly harder to apply, but stay in place and don’t rub off easily.

Good surf wax should provide:
– Moderate to high stickiness
– Stability underfoot

Basecoat/Topcoat combination:
– Use when you want increased stickiness without sacrificing stability
– Harder basecoat provides stability, while softer topcoat wax holds it in place

How basecoat & topcoat combinations work:
– Firm basecoat holds softer topcoat wax in place and prevents it from moving or rubbing away
– Topcoat wax can be stickier when used with a basecoat

Rules for basecoat/topcoat combinations:
– Basecoat must be sufficiently hard for the current water temperature
– Any softer wax can be used as a topcoat

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