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The Superskate takes over when your “go to” high performance shortboard just can’t perform and bogs due to surf conditions being small gutless and mushy, but you still want surf…right? And a board that performs like a shortboard but paddles like a mid length? The Superskate’s wider fuller nose yet pulled in nose tip gives you insane paddling power and speed to make to make sections. It’s wide hippy tail curve blending into a thumb tail gives you a sharper turning radius into the pocket. Speed comes from the single to double concave fading into a flat off the tail in the bottom creating lift in gutless waves. This wider design gives you maximum float so ride this design 4-6″ shorter than your “go to”shortboard.

Fin Setup: Thruster or Tri-Quad

Tail Styles: Squash or RP

Sizes: 5’6-6’6

Dennis Pang
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SKU: SFH-0563
Length: 6'1
Width: 20.88
Thickness: 2.88
Volume: 38
Tail: Squash
Fins: FCS2 Tri
Finish: Sand Finish
Description: Pigment, Tint
Price: $725.00
SKU: 763913
Length: 5'10
Width: 20.5
Thickness: 2.63
Volume: n/a
Tail: Round
Fins: Futures 5-Fin
Finish: Sand Finish
Description: Light Blue Airbrush Rails
Price: $670.00
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